Why Your Business Might Want To Own Dedicated IP Addresses

A computer or network's IP address is essentially it's calling card. It's what's used to identify that computer on the internet. Every computer connected to the internet has an IP address. Normally, these addresses are provided automatically by your internet provider. But, if you own your own business, there are a variety of reasons why you might want to get your own dedicated set of IP addresses instead of relying on your internet provider to create them for you. Here's why you might want to look into a service that will let you buy IP addresses today.

Better Security

Does your company frequently send proprietary or otherwise secretive information across your network? If so, you might be concerned about a hacker getting access to this data. While most internet service providers will tell you they do their best to provide protection for all customers, you are still at the mercy of someone else's security.

When you own your own IP addresses, your IT team can set up your own security in-house. If there is a breach, you'll likely know about it right away and be able to respond faster than if the hacker went in through a server provided by your ISP. This will give you and your customers or clients better peace of mind with every transaction or file transfer.

It's Easier to Grow Your Business

When you don't own your own IP addresses, there's a chance your business could end up being routed through the same servers as other companies or users. This is because some ISPs allow their IP addresses to be shared by multiple parties. When it comes time to grow your business, and you need to seriously expand your network, shared IP addresses could complicate matters.

But, if you start buying your own IP addresses now, you will have what you need to set up your network any way you like without worrying about another user being connected to the same address. Owning your own IP addresses essentially gives you more independence to set up your own networks any way you see fit, allowing for better security, as well as faster and easier expansion.

If you want to set your company's network up properly from the start, look into buying your own set of IP addresses today. Managing your own addresses instead of relying on an internet service provider will allow you to maintain tight control of security, and you'll be able to move quickly in the event of a breach or the need for expansion. For more information, contact a service that allows you to buy IP addresses to discuss your options.

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