How To Store A CCTV Recording

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when using closed circuit television is to rely on old technology. For example, if you are using VHS tapes, these can run out of space relatively quickly; it can also be inefficient to use VHS tapes. Instead, you will want to have the video stored on a server somewhere. Therefore, if you are using an old closed circuit television system, you might want to update it.

DVR Recordings

If you do not want to use a computer on your premises, one option is to use a DVR. A DVR is a standalone unit that comes with a small computer. You are able to rewind, pause, and fast-forward however you want. However, the DVR will be able to store much more data than a VHS. Still, you may eventually run out of space and need to replace a DVR. You may need to install more DVR units when your property outgrows the original scope, such as if you need to install new surveillance cameras. 

PC Recordings

A PC-based system is ideal if you will be viewing and processing CCTV footage on your computer. The recordings can be stored on your hard drive. The amount of space you have will be based on the size of your hard drive. However, you may also add an external drive on which the data is stored.

Recordings in the Cloud

If you need more storage space and if you want to be able to store your CCTV footage from anywhere, you might want to store your footage in the cloud. One of the advantages of storing your footage in the cloud is that many services are much more secure than footage that is stored on a hard drive. 

The video footage that is stored in the cloud is stored forever. You won't have to worry about your footage being lost because it is accidentally deleted or because an accident leads to the destruction of the data. Also, you'll have access to a video log of all requests to have data retrieved. 

One of the reasons why how you record your CCTV matters is that you may need to enhance the footage. For example, if the CCTV needs to provide a clear image of a license plate number of must be used to identify a suspect, it must be possible to have footage that has the best resolution possible. Talk to a company like Videotec Corporation to learn more about your options.

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