6 Features Warehouse Management Software Should Have

Having a warehouse management system in place is essential at many businesses. You might wonder, though, what types of features your warehouse management software package ought to include. Here are 6 features that managers frequently want to see.

Mobile Accessibility

The ability to access a dashboard that shows your present warehouse inventory, shipments out and in, and current workforce level are critical. Likewise, many folks need to be able to access this information on the go. Whether you're using a tablet inside the warehouse or trying to look at inventory levels while halfway around the world, you want to be able to see it on a mobile device. Not only should the data be there, but it should be laid out in a good-looking, intuitive, and fast format.

Analytics and Reports

You'd be forgiven for thinking that your company's biggest product must be data. Turning that data into actions involves conducting analysis and producing reports, though. Good warehouse management software should help you study when you need to prepare for peak seasons, hiring workers, receiving shipments, and sending items out. It should also be easy to generate reports from this analysis, and the reports should be simple and aesthetically pleasing.


Few businesses just use one piece of software in their warehouses. You're going to have sales systems, ERPs, and other components that will need to interface with the warehouse management system. With a high level of integration, you'll be able to easily move information from one program to the next.


The ability to generate and read codes in a variety of formats is a difference-maker. For example, many companies now use QR codes that employees can scan using their phones and tablets. It's also important to be able to print labels with codes that are highly scannable for use on packing materials, shelves, and storage bins.

Quick Counting

The advent of codes and RFID tags has made it possible to rapidly scan through inventories. Getting a physical count quickly not only helps you obtain information faster, but it also boosts employee morale because they don't have to mess around for long with a task they hate. Similarly, this boosts productivity because they can focus on jobs that generate revenue or improve service.

Location Capabilities

Finally, all warehouse management software should help you quickly track down the location of anything in stock. This should correspond to a map of the warehouse so employees can readily go to a spot, identify the right shelf, and pull inventory.

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