5 Essential Components of a Home Security System

Are you looking for a home security system? It is usual for a homeowner to think of ways to secure windows and doors. To be sure of what you have, it would help you know and understand how the different components of a security system work. The purpose of this article is to break down everything that goes into a security system for your home. The following are the parts that make up a home security system:

The Control Panel

Every home security system has a computer for arming and disarming the security system, communicating with all the installed components, sounding the alarm on a security breach, and communicating with your security system provider. Typically, a touchpad enables you to interact and program the system, enter passcodes, issue voice commands, and connect with the wireless controls.

Window and Door Sensors

On every door and window, two parts are sitting next to each other. While one is on the window sill or door frame, the other is on the shutter. Upon closing the door, the components connect and create a security circuit. When someone forcefully opens the door, they break the circuit, causing the control panel to trigger the alarm.

Monitor Sensors

There can be a breach in your home security when someone enters your compound. Even before the individual violates the doors and windows, the motion sensors will pick them out. You can use motion sensors in the yard outside your house or rooms where you store your valuables.

High-Decibel Alarm

The idea of a high-decibel alarm is to alert you and your neighbors when burglars break into your home. Apart from alerting you and others in the neighborhood, alarms scare criminals and send them running away.

Surveillance Cameras

A home security system isn't complete without the installation of surveillance cameras. They work well in both the wired and wireless security systems for monitoring:

  • distant or hard-to-see areas of the property

  • workshops, barns, garages, and other remote buildings

  • interior and exterior entry points such as front doors and garage doors

Home surveillance cameras connect to monitoring equipment like computers, tablets, and smartphones. Apart from providing security, you can use the cameras to monitor home deliveries, landscapers, caregivers, and children coming back from school. The footage recorded by these cameras can act as evidence leading to the arrest of burglars.


A professional home security provider will install all the components, including a control panel, windows & door sensors, monitor sensors, high-decibel alarms, and surveillance cameras. Stop burglars by securing your home today.

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